Course Curriculum- 5 Credit Hours

Property & Casualty Continuing Education

  1. Introduction

  2. Chapter 1: Insurance Regulation

  3. Quiz: Chapter 1

  4. Chapter 2: General Insurance

  5. Quiz: Chapter 2

  6. Chapter 3: Surety Bonds

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  • 137 lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Instant Access course?

    Our state of the art e-learning portal has been created to allow you instantaneous access to our course material. This allows you to complete your state required pre-licensing or continuing education courses on your schedule without the need of sitting in a classroom!

  • Are these courses state approved?

    All of our pre-licensing and continuing education courses offered to you for state required credit hours have been approved by the South Carolina Department of insurance. You will find the credit hours and course approval number for your selected course in the course description.

  • How do I access the course?

    Upon payment for your selected course or course bundle you will have the ability to access your unique learning portal by creating a username and password. Once you have created your account you will have access to your selected courses.

  • How do I complete the course?

    Each course we offer is broken down into chapters and lessons to provide you with the educational background needed to successfully gain or maintain your professional license designation. Each chapter will conclude with a quiz to test your knowledge to ensure understanding before moving forward to the next chapter. Once you have completed all chapter quizzes you will have access to complete your end of courser final exam to gain credit your credit hours.

  • What is the final exam?

    Our final exam's have been created to confirm the knowledge you have gained through your course! This final exam requires a 3rd party disinterested proctor, and passing score of 70% or greater to complete your course.

  • What is a disinterested 3rd party proctor?

    A disinterested 3rd party proctor, with minimum age of 18 years old who can be any person except for family members or individuals who have a financial interest in the student’s success on the exam. Co-worker proctors must not be above or below in the student’s line of supervision. A disinterested third party witness is someone who isn't a family member, hiring manager, or individuals who have a financial interest in the student’s success on the exam . Some good examples of a third party witness but not limited to are your neighbors, a co-worker, friend, or your local librarian. Your proctor will be required to sit with you for the duration of your exam.

  • Do I receive a completion certificate?

    Yes! We want you to show off your achievements, and what better way to show off your newly obtained education than your completion certificate.

  • When are credit hours applied?

    Once we verify your course completion, and receipt of your signed proctor form we will credit your hours to your State Based Systems account. Credit hours are applied daily!

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